BOWSWIM® Resistance Swimming System manufactures the strongest stationary swimming pole in the industry.  The Bowswim® pole is engineered with telescoping technology, and is constructed from reinforced carbon/fiber material.

The pole is designed to be used in the fully extended position, and when used as directed, is capable of safely deflecting greater than twice the static thrust force an Olympic swimmer can generate.  It is the only system offering “Variable Custom Lift” with the added benefits horizontal water exercise brings to fitness and rehabilitation. The Bowswim® pole telescopes from 72 inches to 21 ½ inches making it the only truly portable device of its kind.  Add the optional Bowswim Ladder Clamp to your system, and never miss a travel related workout.


If your pool or spa is at least 10 feet long and 3 ½ feet deep, Bowswim’s revolutionary technologies can transform your pool or swim spa to a nearly stress free, impact free training environment.  With Bowswim you exercise, train, rehabilitate, strengthen and tone, and you do it better, smarter and more efficiently.

The Bowswim® Tether Adjuster’s ability to maintain the body in a nearly horizontal position is changing the nature of water exercise.  We suggest to people: “Achieve a horizontal position in the water, introduce a routine of upper and lower body exercises including Bowswim’s very efficient abdominal exercises.”


TRAINING AND CROSS TRAINING — Bowswim® technology is being used by coaches, trainers, and athletes to enhance training, and elevate peak performance.  Bowswim’s strength and durability allows levels of resistance training previously unattainable.

REHABILITATION – Bowswim® is used by healthcare and physical therapy professionals to improve range of motion, strength and balance.  The horizontal support, unique to Bowswim® allows full body therapy without fear of injury often experienced in land based therapy programs.  Chiropractors in Tennessee and Florida are already recommending Bowswim® for their patients.

The components of the Bowswim® Resistance Swimming System are specifically designed to work together, to achieve the safety and results Bowswim® is proud to promote for its product.